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Classic E Section V Belts

Power Drive V-Belt Sizes

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Classic E Section V-Belts Sizes

E Section Wrapped V-Belts are made of resistant fabric, low-stretch tension member, specially developed high grade elastomers, high performance, long service life, uniform belt gemometry.

High flexibility, suitable for flat belt transmission. Maximum economy, temperature resistance for -35 C to +70C. Limited oil resistance, antistatic, and tolerance stable.

Recomended for al general purpose drive with higher horsepower ratings.

E Section V-Belts are measured on the inside diameter.

Exp: A91 has a 91 inch inside length and 93 inch outside length.

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Belt Number Size
E102 1 1/2" X 108" OC
E144 1 1/2" X 150" OC
E180 1 1/2" X 186" OC
E195 1 1/2" X 201" OC
E210 1 1/2" X 216" OC
E225 1 1/2" X 231" OC
E240 1 1/2" X 246" OC
E270 1 1/2" X 276" OC
E300 1 1/2" X 306" OC
E330 1 1/2" X 336" OC
E360 1 1/2" X 366" OC
E376 1 1/2" X 382" OC
E390 1 1/2" X 396" OC
E420 1 1/2" X 426" OC
E441 1 1/2" X 447" OC
E480 1 1/2" X 486" OC
E540 1 1/2" X 546" OC
E600 1 1/2" X 606" OC
E660 1 1/2" X 666" OC

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